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Drawing Program
Developing a solid foundation in drawing is the key to a successful career in art. In the Drawing Program you can learn FundamentalsHead, and Figure at your own pace. You can also enroll in one of the mentorship programs and receive weekly critiques.

Painting Figure Phase I

Painting Program
The Painting Program covers a broad spectrum of study. Learn PortraitFigureStill Life,  Landscape, and Gouache, again, at your own pace. Like the Drawing Program, you can also enroll in one of the mentorship programs and receive weekly critiques from Atelier staff.


Master Class Programs
Master classes are taught by the world-class instructors at the Watts Atelier. Master classes will focus on advanced topics that build on the core foundations of the drawing and painting programs.   Access the class lessons anytime, anywhere, for as long as your are enrolled in the online program.

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Learn art in the comforts of your own home. Embark on your journey of self- discovery using a method of study handed down from generation to generation.

A Full Featured Interactive Course

  • 3 Programs of Study (DrawingPaintingMaster Classes)

  • Wide variety of courses with multiple phases

  • Instructor critiques available

  • Workbooks with assignments come with every lesson

  • Over 350 hours of content and rapidly growing

  • Share your work and meet other students


Enroll in the Mentorship Program

Critiques  –  One-to-One Instruction  –  Video Coaching

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  • Weekly critiques with trace over

  • Video coaching sessions

  • Learn from a Watts Fellow, a Watts Instructor, or Jeff Watts himself

  • Multiple enrollment options for greater flexibility

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Featured Classes

See more DrawingPainting, and Specialty classes

  • Perspective Essentials

    Join Erik Gist as he delves into the essentials of perspective.  The goal of this course is more than simply learning the techniques and geometry for creating a convincing illusion of three- dimensional space;  It is about dictating how an individual perceives your image, how they enter and interact with the scene you have created. […]

  • Essentials of Tech Preview

    These videos are a collection of useful tips and approaches for both design and the necessary tasks of perspective and shadowing for all ‘Tech’ genres. The solutions range from the rather involved, but carefully explained… to the very simple. Unlike previous courses, the workbook will actually expand upon what you see in the video with […]

  • Head Phase IV Preview

    In this phase Jeff will be joined by two other two other Watts Atelier artists, Erik Gist and Lucas Graciano.   Each will demonstrate their use of the concepts taught in the first 3 phases as they execute 2 drawings each at a 3 hour duration..  This mirrors the standard class taught at Watts Atelier […]

  • Anatomy: Arms & Legs Preview

    In this phase we will be exploring one of the most important aspects of figure drawing, anatomy.  We will be taking an in depth look at the arms and legs, starting with the skeleton and working our way up to the surface morphology.  Along the way we will be examining the form and functionality of […]