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Watts Atelier 2012 Instructor and Student Show

[frame] In December we celebrated our 20th year in the education business by hosting a student show at the local Encinitas Library.  The New Library is an incredible facility with a 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean.  We had a great turn out and the work was impressive.  We showcased instructor and student works demonstrating everything from Graphite to […]

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Annual Watts Atelier Holiday Party – 2012

[frame] Once again we hosted our annual Watts Atelier Holiday shindig celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  I remember the first one and it had all of 10 to 12 people.  What a difference two decades makes.  Needless to say it went off without a hitch.  Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful instructors we […]

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Watts Podcast – Erik Gist Interview

  Some of you may be wondering about the other instructors at Watts, and are a bit curious about their backgrounds and how they came to instruct at Watts as well as some of the trials and tribulations of being a professional artist.  I will be interviewing one of our instructors and posting it once a […]

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The Encinitas Years Part 1: Westlake 2000-2007

[frame]   Before I start this next chapter of the Atelier’s history I would like to preface it by saying I have seen so much in the way of human behavior and have helped to cultivate so many wonderful artists who have gone on to incredible careers.  Alas if only that was always the case.  Along with […]

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The Early Years Part 1: Downtown San Diego

[frame]   Many of my current students often ask or are curious as to how the present incarnation of my art school came about.  When a student comes in today it may seem like the school runs as a well oiled machine, and I am happy to say most of the time that is the case.  However, […]

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2012 2nd Annual Watts Atelier Boot Camp

[frame]   WHAT IS THE WATTS ATELIER BOOTCAMP? The Watts Atelier Boot Camp was designed to be a thorough hands-on workshop with a heavy emphasis on exposing students of all levels to a plethora of training methods and exercises used in our full-time Atelier program. It will give the artist an opportunity to gain valuable […]

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Annual Watts Atelier Holiday Party – 2011

[frame]   I can’t believe we are celebrating our 20th year. Nothing signifies the passing of time more at Watts Atelier than our annual holiday party. It is always great to see old and new students along with their friends and family members. We are continuing our 6th year of doing the instructor round robin […]

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Jeffrey Watts teaching a workshop in Nicolai Fechin's Taos, New Mexico studio

Message from Jeff Watts

[frame]   I would like to welcome you all to the Official Watts Atelier Blog! If you are wondering why I have not posted more often over the years as social media has started to encompass more and more aspects of our lives, I suppose I do not have a quick and easy response other […]

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