Creating the Zorn Palette

Many of you have asked where the supplemental video for mixing the Zorn palette is. It has been uploaded in the second phase of our portrait painting curriculum. Check it out! Anders Zorn was a Swedish painter who is known not only for his beautiful paintings, but also for his extensive use of a limited palette… Continue reading

Watts Podcast – Robert Watts Interview Part 2 of 2

Hey everyone! Here is the second and final part of the interview I conducted with my father – Robert Watts! In this interview my dad continues to give us insight into his multifaceted career as a  fine artist, illustrator, concept artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier. Enjoy! For more information about Robert Watts:

Watts Podcast – Robert Watts Interview Part 1 of 2

Many of our viewers have requested this interview and it’s finally here! On this podcast, Jeff talks with his father, Robert Watts to discuss his many faceted career as a fine artist, illustrator, concept artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier. For more information about Robert Watts:

Jeffrey Watts Speed Drawing

  On August 31st we will launch Watts Atelier Online with over 250 hours of classes! We captured one of Jeff’s demonstrations for you. The demo took about 45 minutes. In the coming weeks we will post excerpts from Head Drawing Phases I & II.

Watts Atelier Online Launching Soon!

  In just a few weeks, we launch the Watts Online School with over 250 hours of classes. And it’s just the start! Be sure not to miss the launch. We are limiting enrollment initially on a first come basis. You can learn more about the school at:

Watts Podcast – Ben Young Interview

  Enjoy the latest in our series of interviews of Watts Atelier instructors.  On this podcast, Jeff sits down with Ben Young to discuss his career as a fine artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier.

Watts Podcast – Meadow Gist Interview

  On this podcast, Jeff sits down with Meadow Gist to discuss her career as a fine artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier.

What’s on the Easel?

    This is a painting I just finished for Oil Painters of Americas National show.   It is a bit of a departure from my usual textural approach.  I wanted to work a bit more on the edge manipulation, especially around the head.  Good to exercise your rendering chops every once and awhile.  Overall… Continue reading

Watts Podcast – Lucas Graciano Interview

  On this podcast Jeff sits down with Lucas Graciano to discuss life as an illustrator, fine artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier.

Watts Podcast – Stan Prokopenko Interview

  On this podcast, Jeff sits down with Stan Prokopenko to discuss life as a fine artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier.  

Watts Atelier 2012 Instructor and Student Show

[frame] In December we celebrated our 20th year in the education business by hosting a student show at the local Encinitas Library.  The New Library is an incredible facility with a 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean.  We had a great turn out and the work was impressive.  We showcased instructor and student works demonstrating everything from Graphite to… Continue reading

Annual Watts Atelier Holiday Party – 2012

[frame] Once again we hosted our annual Watts Atelier Holiday shindig celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  I remember the first one and it had all of 10 to 12 people.  What a difference two decades makes.  Needless to say it went off without a hitch.  Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful instructors we… Continue reading

New iBook Release by Jeffrey R. Watts

[frame] Hope all is well with you all and you had a great Thanksgiving.  Today’s blog post is to announce the release of a recent project that I am really excited about.   I cherry picked some of my favorite Portrait Gestures from over the years and put them into an iBook format so you can zoom in… Continue reading

Watts Podcast – Erik Gist Interview

  Some of you may be wondering about the other instructors at Watts, and are a bit curious about their backgrounds and how they came to instruct at Watts as well as some of the trials and tribulations of being a professional artist.  I will be interviewing one of our instructors and posting it once a… Continue reading

Composition & Staging for Visual Development

[frame] This class was designed and is taught by my father Robert Watts.  He designed the class to emphasize the brick and mortar concepts of picture making so often lacking or not really taught at all in today’s schools and institutions of art.  Although tailored to students looking to go into visual development this class… Continue reading

9 Different Lighting Scenarios You Should Master

[frame] (1) DUAL LIGHTING:  Dual lighting is often used for theatrical purposes where lots of “impact” or drama is needed.  You will see comic artist, visual development artist and illustrators commonly favor this type of lighting.  The lighting is highly effective for this purpose but it should be noted that the use of two light sources will create a… Continue reading

Life Drawing Progression

[frame]   I spent about 8 hours on this life drawing.  It was executed on a Vellum Bristol and done using graphite pencils.  We often use Charcoal and one could easily do that for these long efforts but I find using graphite to be a nice change of pace and excersises a different type of discipline.  This type of… Continue reading

The Encinitas Years Part 1: Westlake 2000-2007

[frame]   Before I start this next chapter of the Atelier’s history I would like to preface it by saying I have seen so much in the way of human behavior and have helped to cultivate so many wonderful artists who have gone on to incredible careers.  Alas if only that was always the case.  Along with… Continue reading

The Early Years Part 2: Del Mar Location

[frame]   I did not have a lot of time to consider the move from downtown to a new location and again I found myself with a dilemma. The only location I could find that would rent to a school would double my previous rent. I had no time to asses if the demand would… Continue reading

What’s on the Easel?

[frame]   This is my most recent studio painting.  It is a 40”X30” Oil painting titled “Old Timer” and took about two weeks to paint.   Originally I had intended for this piece to go to the Portrait Society of America Show but decided last minute to send it as my second piece for this year’s Prix de West Show… Continue reading

The Early Years Part 1: Downtown San Diego

[frame]   Many of my current students often ask or are curious as to how the present incarnation of my art school came about.  When a student comes in today it may seem like the school runs as a well oiled machine, and I am happy to say most of the time that is the case.  However,… Continue reading

What’s on the Easel?

[frame]     The painting I am presently working on is titled “Pepper Falls”. It is 24″ x 30″ and painted in oil on lead primed canvas.  This painting is being done from a piece of reference I took on a recent trip to Teton National Park in the Bridger Wilderness.  We were hiking up to an… Continue reading