Cycle 24 and 25 Skill Building Challenge Winners Announced!


Our Second Annual Master Skill Building Challenge has officially come to a close…Portfolios have been submitted, our judges have selected the finalists, and our guest juror, Donato Giancola, will be selecting our winners.  All of us here at the Atelier are excited to announce the winners of this exciting event, but first we would like to take a moment to acknowledge our individual winners for the cycle 24 and 25 challenges.

We’re pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the cycle 24 and 25 Skill Building Challenges are…

Cycle 24 Winner


Cycle 24 Honorable Mention


Cycle 25 Winner


Cycle 25 Honorable Mention


Congratulations to you all!  Your challenges become harder and harder to judge with each new Skill Building Cycle, as you all are growing and building your skill bases.  Congrats again, and we anxiously look forward to announcing the Master Skill Building Challenge winners shortly!