Bridgman Anatomy Phase I: Torso Front and Back

Join Jeff as we delve into Bridgman Anatomy! This first phase will encompass the torso, front and back. We will be using a variety of techniques in this phase to accomplish the task of cleaning up and understanding Bridgman’s Drawings, interpreting his design into photos and then embellishing our own drawings by doing master studies from Frazetta. Make sure to pick up the companion book to this course, Watts On Bridgman Volume 1: Torso Front and Back.


Required Books:

-Watts On Bridgman Volume I: Torso Front and Back
ISBN# 978-0-9903735-1-3

-Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life
ISBN# 0-517-25546-4

-A Frazetta Book (Icon, Testament, Legacy etc)

Drawing Materials:

-Conte 1710B/Wolff’s Carbon 4B or 6B
-Smooth Newsprint

-Sketchbook (Or loose leaf paper)
-Ballpoint Pen (cheap Bic®/Papermate®)

-Black paper/Black illustration board
-Variety of white colored pencils (hard and soft lead)

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