Portrait Phase II Preview

Now, after grounding yourself in the foundation of portrait in oil, it’s time to open up your palette range a bit. First we will jump into the “Zorn” palette, named after famed Swedish painter Anders Zorn. This four color palette is truly amazing. You will learn to premix this palette, then Jeff will introduce you to five different approaches to laying in and painting a portrait from photo reference. These traditional techniques have been mastered by portrait painters throughout history.  This should prove to be an eye opening phase. Try all the methods, and start to think about which one resonates with you most.


  • Creating the Zorn Palette
  • Burnt Umber with Color Part I
  • Burnt Umber with Color Part II
  • Burnt Umber with Color Part III
  • Burnt Umber with Color Part IV
  • Direct Approach Part I
  • Direct Approach Part II
  • Direct Approach Part III
  • Soft Scumbling Approach Part I
  • Soft Scumbling Approach Part II
  • Soft Scumbling Approach Part III
  • Tiling Approach Part I
  • Tiling Approach Part II
  • Tiling Approach Part III
  • Abstract/Drybrush Approach Part I
  • Abstract/Drybrush Approach Part II
  • Closing Thoughts
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