Inking Phase I

$49.00 / month


Join Jeff Watts and Doug Stambaugh in this long anticipated phase as we start to understand the basics of inking to help cultivate superior dexterity, foresight and design. This phase of inking will start with introductions to inking through the use of ball point, technical and brush pens. Next, we will start to break down the basics of quill and brush inking through technical exercises to learn concepts such as cross hatching, line weight, tone building and rendering.



  • Sketchbooks (white, toned grey or tan) – Ball Point
  • Strathmore Smooth Bristol (100 lb.) – Quill + Brush
  • Hammermill Color Copy Paper – Quill + Brush

You will also want to experiment with other papers that you find. Be careful when using brush and quill on lighter weight papers, as the ink could potentially bleed through, leaving you with a mess.

Ball Point/Tech/Brush Pens

  • Standard Bic Ball Point Pen
  • Pilot Hi Tech C
  • Sakura Pigama Micron (0.05, 0.1, 0.5…)
  • Brush Pen (Zebra, Sakura, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, there are many different options here.

Quill Pens

Zebra, Hunt, Niko, Speedball, the options are really endless. We suggest you visit your local art store and look in the Calligraphy section for various nibs to get started. You’ll also want to check for more nibs and nib holders. Be aware that nib holders are not always sold with nibs that you may buy online!


  • Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 3
  • Raphael Kolinsky size 1