Skill Building Challenge Cycle 13 Winner Announced!

Cycle 13 was, by far, the most difficult of our Skill Building Challenges to judge to date…The skill and growth shown by the participants this past cycle was phenomenal!  Our team took their time combing through the entries and looking at the student work, and they have finally decided on our winners…

Without further ado, we’d like to announce the winners for our 13th Skill Building Challenge….













Congratulations to you both! As winner of our Cycle 13 Challenge, Manuela will be receiving a video trace over critique from one of our fantastic senior instructors. As the Honorable Mention, Tony will be receiving a written critique of his piece.

As a reminder, everyone who has participated in the Cycle 12 and 13 Skill building Challenges are eligible to compete in the Master Skill Building Challenge, with guest juror James Gurney.

Cycle 13 was a terribly difficult challenge for us to judge, due to the vast amount of personal improvement and quality of art the participants displayed…We’re looking forward to watching everyone take even greater strides in their learning journey as cycle 14 enters it’s last week!

Congratulations once more to our winners, and best of luck to everyone as you wrap up Cycle 14!