Skill Building Challenge: Cycle 3 announced!

Cycle 3 of our Skill building Challenges is just around the corner.. For those of you new to our Skill Building Challenges, each cycle is broken into four individual one-week challenges, with a unified theme throughout all 4 weeks designed to push our students’ skills in a specify discipline from our online program.  While hard work, focus and discipline are the best ways to build one’s skills, outside factors can help give the student a new reason to apply themselves and provide an additional “push” to their studies.  Our “Skill building Challenges” are designed to provide that “push.  All students are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the focus and schedule for schedule for Cycle 3..


Skill Building Challenge, Cycle 3: Understanding the Figure



Long Figure Drawing, by Watts Atelier Instructor Matt Smith 


-week 1: Starting October 20th, ending October 26th: Mannequinizing the Form (students will use provided

reference and break the figure into a mannaqueinized form)

-week 2: Starting October 27th, ending November 2nd: Planar breakdown (Students will use provided reference, and break the figure down into a series of planes)

-week 3&4: Starting November 3rd, ending November 16th; Bringing it all together: Long pose drawing (Students will
use provided reference to construct their own long drawing of the human figure)

The specific rules for the Skill building Challenges are as follows;

1) As the Skill Building Challenges correlate to our lessons and are meant to test a student’s competency in them, Students must be enrolled in the corresponding online program to participate (In this upcoming Skill Building Challenge’s case, students will need to have access to the drawing program).

2) To move on to the next week in a cycle, students must have completed the previous week’s assignment. This means that you must start the cycle with week one, on the appropriate date, if you wish to make it to week 4.

3) Students must post at least one work-in-progress image (but are free to–and encouraged–to post as many as they wish) in the appropriate “Work in Progress” thread for each challenge they participate in (the threads will be live in the forum on the “start date” of each cycle’s challenges)

4) All final submissions must be submitted in the appropriate thread in the Skill Building Challenge forum by midnight (US Pacific Standard time) on the end date of that challenge.

Each student’s week 4 cycle submission will be judged by Jeff Watts and his team of instructors from the Atelier. Skill, competency in the craft, and most importantly understanding of the concepts and overall improvement will be taken into consideration when judging. While the final “Bringing it all together” image from week 4 will be the image that is judged, our team will be taking into account your efforts in the prior weeks (and remember, participation in the prior weeks is mandatory in order to participate in week 4’s judged challenge). The winner of the cycle will receive an original work of art from one of the Atelier’s instructors.

Best of luck, and  be sure to visit the Skill Building Challenges forum, located here, to participate.  We are  looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions and progress come October 20th!
-The Watts Atelier Team