Skill Building Challenge Cycle 8 Winners Announced!


We would like to take a moment to congratulate the Winner and Honorable Mention of our Skill Building Challenge, Cycle 8. Our Skill Building Challenge entries are judged on the displayed comprehension of the lessons, and (most importantly) the improvement displayed by the internalization of those concepts and application of them over the course of the 4 week challenge.  Judging on these criteria gives all students in the online program the chance to participate, and allows us to “level the playing field” for novices and more advanced students.

Join us in congratulating our Winner and Honorable Mention of this Skill building Challenge, both of whom displayed great growth over the four week period…

Cycle 8 Winner




Cycle 8 Honorable Mention

Christopher Pariano



Congratulations to our winners! Our team will be in touch with you concerning your prizes. We are currently planning a very special event and prize for our Cycle 9 Challenge, and look forward to announcing the specifics and timeline for the challenge early next week.  Keep up the hard work, and Happy Studies, all!

-The Watts Atelier Team