Painting Courses

$119.00 / month



  • Over 200 hours of instruction in drawing, from fundamentals to advanced concepts and technique.
  • Access to 18 courses on the Watts Atelier Online Program.
  • Access to the Watts Atelier Online forums to talk and share your progress with other students.

Our painting program is designed to first familiarize students with the often-intimidating mediums of oil and gouache, then progressively move them towards mastery of the craft through skill-based learning.  Through mix of Portrait, Figure, Still Life and Landscape courses, students will gain an understanding of various painting techniques, blending and tiling methods, palette and color control, and more.  Each lesson is designed to build on the principles taught in the previous lesson, in order to form a strong foundation and eliminate any learning gaps as the student progresses.  Each course is paired with downloadable PDF workbooks that delve into supplies, the step by step process behind the lesson, homework assignments and more.  Students can then submit the completed homework assignments from these workbooks to our team for review, and receive a few words of feedback to help them stay the course in their studies.