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The principles of drawing ultimately become a cornerstone for students who later embark on their training in painting. This program will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of visual depiction, using some of the most rewarding and thorough navigation systems for drawing. Fasten your seatbelt as we get ready to embark on the path to mastering the art of drawing in the Watts method.

  • Drawing Fundamentals Phase I Preview

    The goal of this phase is to provide you with a working understanding of the essential building blocks of all drawing, and ultimately painting, in the Watts method.  You will be introduced to concepts such as value scales, essential geometric shapes used to breakdown the complex forms of the head and figure, the four essential […]

  • Head Phase I Preview

    In this phase you will explore basic head construction, and learn how to simplify the complex forms of the head through various measuring techniques. You will then move on to studying the skull, the Asaro head (both simple and complex), and the rhythmical head abstraction. Each section will look at straight on, three-quarter, and profile head […]

  • Head Phase II Preview

    Now that you have started to become familiar with navigating the human head from various angles, and using a variety of techniques, it is time to put that knowledge to work.  In this phase you will be called upon to take the aforementioned techniques and apply them to drawing from photos of plaster casts. We […]

  • Figure Phase I Preview

    In this phase you will learn to break the figure down into various “mannequins” and to understand the canons of measurement and proportion. You will also be introduced to the male and female planes, and how to unify your figures using the basic figure abstraction. Terms defined in this phase will become critical for studying […]

  • Drawing Fundamentals Phase II Preview

    In this phase you will start using freehand perspective to construct lay-ins of solid 3D objects. We will build from simple, single objects to more complex multiple object scenarios. This phase will expand on, and reaffirm, the earlier concepts emphasized in Phase I. These exercises will prove instrumental as you move into the figure and […]

  • Figure Phase II Preview

    Now that you have started to digest the basic foundational components of the Watts method, you can begin to apply what you’ve learned. This phase will introduce you to studying the male and female forms through photo work. Jeff will demonstrate how to bring out the basic abstraction rhythms, as well as walk you through […]

  • Head Phase III Preview

    In this phase Jeff will introduce you to the art of head quick sketch.  You will watch Jeff tackle indicating heads ranging from 15 second to 5,10,20 and up to one hour.  It is in these lesson’s you start to see the true value of all the hard work you did in phase I and […]

  • Figure Phase III Preview

    [message type=”info”] Hi everyone.  We accidentally launched this class a little early.  So many of you are already enjoying it so we are going to leave it up.  Bear with us as we will be fixing a few things.  We are in the process of splitting up the longer videos and adding lesson descriptions and […]

  • Head Phase IV Preview

    In this phase Jeff will be joined by two other two other Watts Atelier artists, Erik Gist and Lucas Graciano.   Each will demonstrate their use of the concepts taught in the first 3 phases as they execute 2 drawings each at a 3 hour duration..  This mirrors the standard class taught at Watts Atelier […]