Upcoming “Friday Night Live” event, with Meadow Gist

Join us August 15th at 7pm PST for a very special Friday Night Live event. Watts Atelier instructor and fine artist Meadow Gist will be sharing her knowledge and answering questions live as she works from a still life, demonstrating the oil painting techniques she’s learned over her years of attending and teaching at the… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Figure painting with Jeff Watts

With our summer break at an end, classes have once again started up at our Atelier in California.  This term brings a special demo-viewing opportunity for those enrolled in Jeff Watt’s “Figure painting, 5 week pose.” Traditionally, our painting courses kick off with a single day dedicated to a painting demonstration, where students get to watch… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con

This past week marked the annual arrival of the San Diego Comic Con, the largest comic and pop culture convention in the world.  As always, the Watts Atelier Team was there, conducting panels and participating in signings on the showroom floor. E.M. Gist, signing alongside Guillermo del Toro and Mike Huddleston   The Most exciting… Continue reading

Join us for our Saturday Panels at the San Diego Comic Con!

Planning your panel agenda for San Diego Comic Con? Be sure to join us for our “Traditional Art Training Online” panel, from 2:00-3:00 on Saturday the 26th, in room 30CDE. Join Watts Atelier founder Jeffrey Watts and instructors E.M. Gist and Tom Babbey as they talk about what it takes to improve your skills as… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft” at the Watts Illustration Bootcamp

This past week marked the start of our first “Watts Illustration Boot Camp,” an intense 6-day workshop designed to strengthen our students’ illustrative storytelling abilities and improve their technical skills within their chosen medium.  The workshop’s instructors (award-winning illustrators and Watts Atelier instructors E.M. Gist, Lucas Graciano, and Michael C. Hayes) have been spending hours of… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Comic Covers with E.M. Gist

This past week marked the release of a new online specialty course, “Painted Comic Covers,” with Watts Atelier Instructor and illustrator E.M. Gist.  On this week’s installment of “Demonstrating the Craft, we take a brief look at the course and at Gist’s process through screenshots of the video lessons themselves. Erik’s process starts where all artists’ visual… Continue reading

“From the Sketchbook,” toned paper

Last week in “from the sketchbook,” we showed you how Jeffrey Watts utilized toned paper and white charcoal to explore his figure invention exercises.  This week, we take a look at how a few other Watts Atelier instructors use their toned paper sketchbooks. While Jeff’s figure inventions were executed entirely in white charcoal, these sketches… Continue reading

Skill Building Challenge: Cycle 2 announced!

Announcing “Skill Building Challenge: Cycle 2, Embracing Portraiture”   Our first Skill Building Challenge was a great success;  The students who participated saw their skill levels jump in those short four weeks due to a dedicated schedule and the driving force that a bit of friendly competition brings.  Now that our first challenge, Cycle 1,… Continue reading

“From the Sketchbook,” White Charcoal

Sometimes drawing in a slightly different way than we are used to can help get the artist past mental roadblocks, and free up their mind to explore and enjoy the art of sketching. Here, Jeff Watts has utilized white charcoal on grey paper for a few figure invention sketches.  Next time you reach for your… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Anatomy Tutorials with E.M. Gist

As students at our atelier advance in their skills and begin to understand the fundamentals of drawing, their questions during our instructors’ demos begin to turn to one subject in particular; anatomy. Once a student has a firm grasp on the foundations of drawing (edge, value, and shape) they often work to understand the subtleties… Continue reading

The Skill Building Challenge Cycle 1 results are in..!

  The results of our first Skill Building Challenge are in…! The winner, who we will announce shortly in this post, will be receiving an original figure drawing (pictured above) by Watts Atelier founder Jeff Watts. Our Skill Building Challenges are designed as a friendly competition that’s geared towards advancing the participants’ skill base.  Each… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Head Quicksketch Demos

Last week on “Demonstrating the craft,” we took a look at some figure quicksketch demos by Watts Atelier instructor E.M. Gist.  This week, we take a look at a few demos for our other variation of quicksketch; Head Quicksketch. These head quicksketch demos, done by Watts Atelier Founder Jeff Watts and Watts Atelier Instructor Lucas… Continue reading

Friday Night Live workshop, in progress now!

Our Latest Free Friday Night Live workshop is happening right now! Join Jeff Watts as he demonstrates how to approach master studies in gouache. Watch and ask your questions live, to have them answered immediately by Jeff as he works from Frazetta, Leyendecker, Elvgren, Rockwell, and more. Jeff will be streaming until 10pm PST, so… Continue reading

“From the Sketchbook,” Mini Master Studies with Jeffrey Watts

Last week in “From the Sketchbook”, we introduced you to the idea of sketchbook “mini master studies.”  This week, we revisit the subject to see some of Jeff Watts’ gouache master studies from his own sketchbook. If you’re curious to see how Jeff executes his gouache studies, be sure to join us tomorrow, June 19th at… Continue reading

Down for Maintenance, Midnight June 18th

Due to mandatory maintenance and upgrades to our system, Watts Atelier Online will be temporarily unavailable for a brief period of time, starting at Midnight PST, June 18th. Thank you for your patience as we work to better the Watts Atelier Online experience for you. All the best, -The Watts Atelier Team

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Quicksketch demos

Last week on “Demonstrating the Craft,” we introduced you to a “long demo” completed over several sittings, by Watts Atelier instructor Lucas Graciano.  This week we bring you something from the opposite end of the demonstration spectrum; E.M. Gist’s quicksketch demos. These in-class demos were completed by Erik Gist for his quicksketch course at the… Continue reading

“From the Sketchbook,” Mini Master Studies

When one thinks “Master Study,” they generally envision a scale replication of an old master’s piece, painstakingly reproduced in order to better understand their process (along the lines of this study after Bargue, by Watts Instructor Lucas Graciano).  While these types of studies are fantastic learning opportunities, the hard reality is that many students lead a… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Long Drawing Demo

While most of our in-class demos range from 25 minute drawings to three hour paintings, some of our demos stretch a bit longer.  These type of demos, usually done for long figure/portrait drawing sessions or multiple week painting poses, are generally done by our instructors  as they work alongside our students.  The advantages of these types… Continue reading

New Content released; Portrait Painting Phase III

  We are proud to announce the release of our “Portrait Painting: Phase III lessons.  While we are still fine tuning a few videos and features for Portrait Phase III, our excitement over these lessons has led us to release them now to you, our students, so you may continue to push your learning and further… Continue reading

“From the Sketchbook,” Preliminary Drawings with E.M. Gist

While we’ve talked about utilizing sketchbooks for structured study, thumbnail exploration, and casual drawing, there is another area of sketchbook use that we haven’t delved into yet; the preliminary drawing. This is the stage where an idea starts to become a realized, “finished” image.  While every artist works differently, the preliminary drawing is generally a… Continue reading

“Demonstrating the Craft,” Analyzing Angles

Analyzing the angles and relationships between key areas of the figure is an important part of the life drawing process.  At the Watts Atelier, we embrace comparative measurement techniques in our drawings.  This practice often relies on comparing and analyzing the angles between features to obtain proportional accuracy in your drawing.  Note how Watts Atelier Instructor… Continue reading

“Friday Night Live” with E.M. Gist, streaming now!

Our latest installment of “Friday Night Live” is in-progress right now, with illustrator and Watts Atelier Instructor Erik Gist.  For the next two and a half hours, Erik will be drawing from a costumed model, pulling information from his anatomy knowledge and utilizing his storytelling illustrative skills to create a zombie drawing.  You still have… Continue reading